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Internet service specials offers deals and discounts are what you may like most about our web site Internet Services Online, however, we also provide expert guides and valuable insight into the various types of internet service providers including Dial Up, DSL, Cable, Satellite, Wireless internet and more. Our web site discusses residential internet service, which generally include anyone working from home or networking multiple computers using internet access provided by your local telephone or cable company. Below is a short list of internet service providers for which you may find specials offers deals and discounts on our web site. Welcome to our site and enjoy your visit!

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Internet Service Providers Dial Up & High Speed

High Speed Internet, Dial Up Internet High speed internet means anything faster than dial up internet. By now most internet service customers know that high speed internet is better than dial up internet, and would ditch their dial up internet in favor of high speed if they had the chance. You might be surprised to know that dial up internet is still needed and used by many throughout the United States. Not only is price a factor, so is high speed internet service provider availability.

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DSL Internet, Cable Internet DSL vs Cable Internet. DSL and Cable high speed internet service providers continue to battle for superiority in 2009. Which is best DSL or Cable? Potential customers instead might want to first ask their local internet provider which is available. By some estimates 50% of those interested in DSL internet can't get it, because DSL is distance sensitive. In other words, if you live out in the boonies, DSL specials may not be available in your service area.

Free Internet Service, Free Dial Up Free Internet Service. Every once in a while Internet Services Online searches the web to find free internet service and reports back to our web site visitors by internet blog post or online guide. While free internet service still seems out of reach and impractical for most internet users, there are just a few internet service providers that offer free dial up internet service. Just remember that free internet generally means slow internet speed.

Wireless Internet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max Wireless, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max. Talking to internet service customers we find that there is much confusion around the phrase wireless internet. Most customers really want high speed internet access and a wireless modem to access their internet connection without wires from inside their home. If your DSL or Cable internet service provider doesn't offer you a wireless modem, simply run to your local computer store and buy one for about $50.

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