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Looking for Basic Dial Up specials? Dial Up internet plans start at $9.95 a month on average, however, special offers including lower prices may exist for Basic Dial Up and other top dial up internet service providers. Basic Dial Up internet service is generally available to any one with a dial up internet modem and local telephone service. As with all dial up internet service providers, it is important to use a local dial up internet access number to avoid paying long distance phone charges. Please use the check availability links found through out our web site to review available special offers for Basic Dial Up, and to sign up for internet service online if you find a good deal.

To review specials for Basic you must use the Check Availability button below.*

Basic Dial Up

Basic Dial Up internet service is available nationwide and travels with you where ever you go. Since most computers today ship with an internal dial up internet modem, dial up internet service is still in wide spread use through out the United States of America. With Basic dial up internet, you can connect to the internet while at home, at work, and dial up to check emails and surf the internet while traveling for work or pleasure. If you are unable to install the Basic dialing software using your existing internet connection, we suggest that you sign up for service online using the check availability links, then contact the Basic customer service department for a CD by mail or for instructions on how to dial in for the first time without a CD.

Basic Dial Up internet is loaded with features:

Still not convinced that now is the best time to sign up for Basic Dial Up internet service? Whether you are motivated by monthly cost savings, specials, or simply need any internet access, think also of the personal time you will save. Not only can you save money by finding good internet service deals for Basic Dial Up, you can also save time and money when you use your dial up internet access to shop and do research online. Read reviews and product descriptions for big ticket items. Use Basic Dial Up to shop online and save time, gas, excess car mileage, and have time to spare for daily household chores. Students often need dial up internet access to conduct research for school projects, to communicate with friends and family, and most online information is free or cheap compared to buying over priced books at the store.

Compare Basic Dial Up with other dial up internet service providers serving your area. Review what other dial up internet options are available in your service area, compare monthly plans, service prices, and sign up for internet services online. You can also use the check availability links to learn more about Basic bundles, which are additional discounts available to customers when they combine Video (TV), Voice (Phone), and Internet service offers together.

*Note: Basic Dial Up specials may not be available in all service areas. Use of the Check Availability link is required to qualify for any available Basic Dial Up special offers. Basic Dial Up specials are for online orders only and are not available by phone or mail, some restrictions may apply.

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