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Dial Up Internet is a type of internet access which allows a computer to connect by telephone line to a dial up Internet Service Provider or ISP. Most computers today still ship with an internal dial up internet modem, and external modems can also be purchased at your local computer store or online for $20 or less. Low equipment costs, low monthly ISP subscription prices, and nationwide availability are three reasons why dial up internet service is still in wide spread use throughout the United States of America. Below is a short list of dial up internet service providers for which you may find specials offers deals and discounts on our web site. Prices for dial up internet are generally between $4.95 to $21.95 per month, with an average market price of about $9.95 per month.

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Dial Up Internet Service Availability

Dial up internet service creates no added burden on your local telephone company. In other words, your modem makes a phone call to connect to your dial up internet service provider, a phone call just like any other as far as your local telephone company is concerned. The only restrictions for dial up internet service is the availability of local dial up access numbers. Since your computer modem must make a phone call to your dial up internet service provider, it's important that you call a local internet access telephone number. If by mistake you dial up and connect to a number outside of your local free calling zone, you might incur substantial charges on your next telephone bill. Unlimited nationwide calling plans can help keep costs down for those few who find themselves without a local dial up access number.

Dial up internet service providers we review on our web site are those with very large numbers of local access numbers throughout the United States of America. Copper Net for example, has 25,000 plus local access numbers throughout the United States of America and Canada. This is one of the largest if not the largest group of internet access numbers currently available. Smaller companies may be found on our internet providers list, however, you may be putting your privacy and security at risk with smaller companies. Remember to compare services before you buy, and read each service provider's terms of service and privacy policy as well.

Dial Up Internet Service Speed

Dial up internet service speeds have improved over the last few years, however, the end result of the improvements are not so exciting. The latest V.90 and V.92 modems, for example, in most cases operate in a 40 to 50 kbit/s range on modems with a theoretical maximum transfer speed of 56 kbit/s commonly referred to as 56k or 56 kbps. While dial up modem manufacturers can claim a 100% improvement over older protocols, say 20 kbit/s versus the better 40 kbit/s range, this is still insignificant compared to entry level DSL transfer speeds starting at 768 kbit/s. Internet users want and need higher transfer speeds to use the web as it was meant to be. We recommend 1.5 mbps as a minimum speed for light to average use, 3 mbps or more for average to heavy use. Dial up internet access is just not capable of reaching our recommended transfer speeds, however, as you will read on our web site, high speed internet access is not available in all service areas.

High Speed Dial Up is the latest effort by dial up internet service providers to speed up the web browsing experience. The name High Speed Dial Up is often misleading, as it suggests that dial up internet can match the speeds of DSL or Cable high speed internet. High speed dial up over simplified is compression of the web pages by the internet service provider prior to sending them to your computer. This web page that you are reading now, for example, would be compressed, or it's file size reduced as best as the dial up internet service provider can reduce it. Your modem will still operate in the 40 to 50 kbit/s speed range, but the compressed web pages load faster as you surf the net.

High Speed Dial Up internet service does help. Netzero HiSpeed 3G dial up internet features up to 7 times faster surfing and is a favorite among our web site visitors. NetZero HiSpeed 3G service can compress web page text and graphics, however like all other high speed dial up internet service providers, the service can't accelerate secure or encrypted web pages, streaming audio or video, digital photographs, MP3 or other music files. In other words, finding the sites as you click around the internet will be faster. If you decide to buy something online, watch a video, or download some music, your dial up internet service experience on such pages will be the same as with standard dial up. Below is a short list of more recent dial up internet modem connection speeds.

Typical 56k Modem Speeds:
Modem TypeBaudMax kbit/s
V.908000/3429 34
V.928000/8000 48
V.90 / V.42 Compression 220
V.92 / V.44Compression 320
High Speed Dial UpCompression 1,000

Dial up internet service may be the only choice for those who live in rural areas or are on a tight budget. Travelers who wish to access their email while on the road also like to keep a dial up internet service account open. Even as DSL and Cable internet services increase in speed and decrease in price, dial up internet still has not outlived it's usefulness.

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