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WiMax wireless internet is a type of internet access which allows a laptop computer, desktop computer, or other WiMax compatible device to connect to a wireless internet service provider. WiMax wireless technology is similar to mobile internet and requires cell phone like towers to operate. While advocates say it's easier to deploy WiMax versus mobile internet, WiMax service is currently limited to less than 100 cities and will take time to expand. If you intend to use a WiMax internet to connect to a laptop or PC, additional equipment such as an wireless WiMax PC card or WiMax modem may be necessary. Below is a short list of mobile internet service providers for which you may find specials offers deals and discounts on our web site. Prices for WiMax internet are generally between $29.95 to $79.95 per month, which is high given the slower speeds. See high speed internet for a comparison of wireless internet vs DSL and cable internet.

WiMax Internet Service Providers

The name WiMax means Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. The WiMax Forum is the body responsible for creating the name and promoting the technology. To know if your wireless devices at home are WiMax compliant, simply look for the WiMax logo on the box. Not all products are certified and carry the WiMax logo. Most products will however state that they comply with one or more of the IEEE 802.16 standards, the most common of which are 802.16d and 802.16e.

WiMax Wireless Internet Service Availability

When we discussed dial up internet service, we mentioned that most computers today ship with everything that you need to connect to a dial up internet service provider. The same is not true of WiMax wireless internet services. For starters, WiMax internet regardless of the ISP is subscription based, meaning that you will need to sign up ahead of time and pay a monthly fee. Additional equipment is also needed, such as a wireless WiMax PC card, or WiMax internet modem. Equipment for WiMax internet tends to be more expensive when compared to competing DSL and cable internet services. Equipment discounts may be available through the special offer links on our web site.

WiMax internet service providers we review on our web site are those with large numbers of subscribers throughout the United States of America. Clearwire for example, is currently the largest WiMax internet service provider in the United States of America. In 2008, the company known as Clearwire was re-created by joint efforts and investments from Sprint, Clearwire, Google, Intel, Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Smaller WiMax companies may be found on our internet service providers list.

WiMax Internet Service Speed

WiMax internet service speeds are generally slower versus competing DSL and Cable high speed internet services. Despite all the hype surrounding WiMax which is said to be capable of 75 Mbps internet access speeds, WiMax service providers are currently offering residential internet speeds of up to 2 Mbps (2,000 Kbps). At 2 Mbps it sort of makes you wonder why they would even bother to roll out this technology. Why not focus on 3G and 4G mobile internet speed improvements instead, which are expected to operate at speeds faster than 2 Mbps? Some experts suggest that future mobile devices will be both cell phone tower and WiMax compatible. This may help keep costs down in rural areas where a WiMax deployment can be cheaper versus a cell phone tower. Cities are also interested in using WiMax in place of WiFi to create city wide wireless internet networks.

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