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Wireless internet is a grouping of internet access types which allow a computer to connect to a wireless Internet Service Provider or ISP. Wireless internet service is often confused by those who simply wish to attach a wireless modem to their existing Cable or DSL internet access service. The most popular wireless internet services available today are Mobile, WiFi, and WiMax. Below is a short list of wireless internet service providers for which you may find specials offers deals and discounts on our web site. Special prices for wireless internet are generally between $29.95 to $79.95 per month. See high speed internet for a comparison of wireless internet vs DSL and cable internet.

Mobile Internet WiFi Internet WiMax Internet

Compare Mobile, WiFi & WiMax Wireless Internet Services

When we discussed dial up internet service, we mentioned that most computers today ship with everything that you need to connect to a dial up internet service provider. The same is not true of all wireless internet services. For starters, Mobile wireless internet regardless of the ISP is subscription based, meaning that you will need to sign up ahead of time and pay a monthly fee. Additional equipment is also needed, such as a PC card or Mobile internet modem. Equipment may be provided at discount rates through the special offer links on our web site. The table below is a basic example of how you can compare your wireless internet options.

Wireless InternetMobile InternetWiFi InternetWiMax Internet
Download Speed256K - 2MVariesUp to 10M
Upload Speed128K - 256KVariesUp to 10M
Home NetworkingYesYesYes
Multiple ComputersYesYesYes
AvailabilityCell TowersHot SpotsMetro Areas
Setup + Equip Fees$50 - $200$0 - $100$50 - $200
Monthly Price$30 - $80$0 - $30$30 - $80

Each type of wireless internet service is discussed further on their respective web pages Mobile, WiFi, and WiMax. Wireless internet service providers we review on our web site are those with the largest customer base in the United States of America. Verizon and AT&T for example, are among the largest providers of mobile phones and wireless internet services and are also very well known brand names. Smaller companies may be found in our internet providers list. Remember to compare services before you buy, and read each service provider terms of service and privacy policy as well.

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